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  • Franco
    Hi there, I am looking for activies that can keep my two daughters (16 and 10 yrs old) busy, particularly over weekends and holidays. Have a nice day! Franco
  • Raf
    Hi, I signed up to be informed on the activities that my wife and I can do with our 7 years daughter. Thanks Raf
  • marcial
    Ir like to know what’s on for family weekends!
  • Houssam
    Hi, I joined to know what's happening for kids in Lux.
  • Nina
    Hi, I just joined your list as I like to be more up to date on what’s happening for kids or ideas what to do with kids. Thanks Nina
  • Arta
    Hey! I want to be aware of different activities for kids around Luxembourg. Thank you! Kr, Arta
  • Eleni S.
    Hi! Thank you for adding me to the group. The main reason why I joined is because we are new in town and were looking for a good resource on kids’ activities. Have a good day!
    Eleni S.
  • Rishi
    Hey, I signed up because I want to get ideas of kids activities on weekends. Thanks, Rishi
  • Natasha
    Hi, Guys! We are family with 5 kinds of different age, on top not so long ago in Luxembourg. With your support we can enrich our weekends – this is the main reason to sign up. Thank you a lot for such great initiative! Wishing you a nice day. With kind regards, Natasha.
  • Aoife
    Hey, I signed up to get more ideas of what to do with my kids at the weekend! Thanks, Aoife
  • Gergo S.
    Interested to see one aggregate view on what.s happening for kids to plan ahead for my son.
    Gergo S.
  • M
    Hi there! Thank you for your email and list of restaurants. We hadn’t heard of a lot of them so looking forward to trying them. I joined because I have two small children under 4 and we often find that an event will happen in Luxembourg and we never knew it was on. So am hoping to be in the know earlier by signing up to your newsletter :) Hope you have a lovely weekend M
  • Margie
    I joined because I'm a grandma and looking for things to do with the kids ! Thanks
  • Jean
    Hello! I joined because it was recommended by a friend and then I forgot about it but came across the website looking for a kid friendly restaurant and then remembered to sign up :)
  • Najla
    Hello, I am always struggling about finding a good place to take the kids so I found that signing up to you page would be of good benefit to have ideas about fun things during the weekend. Regards, Najla
  • Lisii
    it looked like a really nice source of finding out different activities for my kid. Thank you !
  • Andriana
    Hi there, I have two small kids and I’m always looking for weekend activities! Cheers! Andriana
  • Aisling
    Hi! I have two kids and am always searching various google links to find things to do in Lux with them in the weekends, it’s not always easy to find a centralised source of info so I am hoping this is the one I have been looking for !! Thanks Aisling
  • Cagin
    Hello, I subscribed to receive news about whats going on over the weekends. Best, Cagin
  • Drahomir
    Hello team! Me and my family are new in Luxembourg. We moved in June from Sweden. We are a mixed family, my wife is Swedish and me, I am from the Czech Republic. We have three kids (3,5 years old daughter and 2 sons of age 1,5 year and 2 months). So the reason for the subscription is to find activities for us all for the weekends :-). Keep up the good work! Cheers! Drahomir
  • Aisling W.
    This is really fantastic info thank you !!
    Aisling W.
  • Hana
    Hi! I have just subscribed! I will be moving to Lux with my family next month. My little boy is almost 3 years old. I would like to find fun activities for him as well as for my family. We have been spoilt with activities in London so looking forward to get involved in Lux. Cannot wait to find my first email in my inbox with fun things to do. Well done to you all for doing this! Kind regards, Hana
  • Amy
    Hi All — I have two boys and if they stay home all day on the weekends it inevitably turns into a destroyed house (just after the housekeepers come on Saturday morning), too much TV, and eventually an epic meltdown. So I want to plan fun and exciting weekends that keep them engaged and burn off some energy, to save my house and my sanity. Besides, why not take advantage of all the fabulous opportunities Lux offers for kids?!? Thanks! I’ve used your site for ages. Glad to finally get the newsletter directly! Best — Amy
  • Alexandra
    Hi team , I signed up for this list as many times I am at a loss as where I could find a list of different activities that can be done with a toddler. So a friend of mine recommended you guys Since our son is now a bit over 2 we started to take him out more (we were kind of freaked out by the pandemic and did not go out much). So yeah, that's about it. Have a great weekend ahead! Alexandra
  • Stéphanie W.
    Hey, I just signed up, a friend told me about your site. Have a nice day Stéphanie W.
    Stéphanie W.
  • Nayden K.
    Hello, I just need some inspiration what to do with my kids on weekends. Cheers
    Nayden K.
  • Lorena C.
    Hello, I’ve signed to be informed to activities and so on interesting for our family!! Thanks to let me join you! Best regards
    Lorena C.
  • Anna & Rob
    Hello, We subscribed as we’re always looking for something to do with our kids and thought it was a great source! Thank you and have a nice day, Anna & Rob
    Anna & Rob
  • Adrian
    Find things to do for my son
  • Hana
    Hey hey, I signed up because I wanted to have an extra source of Information on what’s going on in Luxembourg for kids. I was hoping to find some information for the upcoming holiday. Any tips? Let us know. Regards, Hana
  • Rachel
    I just signed up and would love to know how to help my children discover the joys of Luxembourg!
  • Rasa
    Hi, I would like to learn more what to do with kids during the weekend. Thanks, Rasa
  • Shweta G.
    Dear Team, I signed up to be aware of all the events happening near me so that I can take my kid to some of them at least. Regards, Shweta G.
    Shweta G.
  • Helena
    Hi Alex, Ivo, and the What's On Team! I am moving to Luxembourg in a couple of weeks, and someone in a Parents Facebook group posted about your group. Seemed liked a great source of info! Best, Helena
  • Simona R.
    Hello Just signed in. Looking forward activities with my 3,5 years old big boy. Thanks
    Simona R.
  • Suneela S.
    Hello Whats on team, Nice to meet you through email. We as a family moved to Luxembourg a couple of months back and we have a 10 year old daughter who wants to make new friends and wants to explore the beautiful Luxembourg along with us. While surfing the net I came across what's on for kids and I found it interesting, have signed up for your list to understand the various activities in order to plan our weekend/vacation days in a better and fruitful way. Thanks & Regards, Suneela S.
    Suneela S.
  • Chiara
    Hello everyone! happy to join your amazing group!I was looking for fun events around Luxembourg and I bumped into your great web site! there are so many tips!! thanks a lot!! have a nice wend Chiara
  • sumit j.
    I wanted to find out what's happening and take my kids around, enjoy and socially enjoy the moments.
    sumit j.
  • M
    Many thanks! I signed up because I’d like to find some new kids’ activities in Lux. Best, M
  • Natasha
    Hello Alex, Ivo et al, Good Morning! Thanks for adding me to the mailing group. The main reason why I wanted to sign up is that we recently moved to Luxembourg and I have an 11yr old daughter that keeps getting bored. Back in the home country, she had friends and was involved in lots of arts and crafts and other extra-curricular clubs. Hence, via this I am hoping that something will catch her eye and she will again start enjoying and learning new things. Thanks, Natasha
  • Donna
    Hi :) I signed up because my daughter is 3.5 and at an age where she can really enjoy lots of new things. Plus we all had covid recently so we feel that we can finally live a little :) Your site looks great :)) Donna
  • Onik
    Really interesting concept to be informed once per week for all events that are happening in Luxembourg for kids
  • Antonis
    Hello, I'm always looking for fun activities for my toddler, so I signed up to your newsletter. Thank you for this!
  • Lisa C.
    We’re new in Luxemburg and are happy to come on board with your updates much quicker!
    Lisa C.
  • Svitlana
    Hey I just signed up and I would like to know what activities we have in Lux, which I would attend with my 2 y.o son ;-) Thanks guys for the great initiative Kind regards Svitlana
  • Mee
    Hello I would to find out what’s happening for kids activities in Luxembourg :) Thanks
  • Lisa
    Hello there! I signed up because I want to know some new events for children here in the south of Luxemburg. Greetings Lisa
  • Susana
    Hi there, I already followed your website, but find it more practical to sign up. Always looking for new tips to entertain my toddler! Cheers, Susana
  • Charlotte
    Hi! I've been aware of your list of events for years. I'm hoping to spend more time with my niece, and so want to be up-to-date on what's going on so that I can help her to get out and experience new things. Thank you for providing us with these lists. You provide a wonderful and much needed resource. Kind regards, Charlotte
  • Delia G.
    Hello! It’s my 2nd time living in Luxembourg and the 1st time I was a suscriptor to your page and, as a mother of 2, found it super useful as there can be many events, kids related, we know nothing about if it weren’t for your list So, a big thank you! Delia G.
    Delia G.
  • Francesca
    Hi Alex, Ivo and to the all team! I received a copy of your last newsletter from a friend of mine, I've found a lot of useful links! I just moved to Lux with my family and 2 children, so I need you and your newsletter in order to discover Lux and the surroundings with my family. So, thanks a lot for your very good job and I'll wait for the next newsletter! Kind regards, Francesca
  • Ganesh
    Hi, Thanks for the welcome. We have recently moved to Luxembourg (1st Nov) and since we have two kids aged 10 and 7, we have been looking for things to keep them busy and learn new things. Your site seemed like a good one for all this information, hence signed up. Looking forward to the fun. Thanks and regards.
  • Vanessa
    Hi, that's nice you want to hear from your readers! I signed up so that I wouldn't miss out on hearing about any events my kids would enjoy. Good luck!
  • Vanessa B.
    Totally satisfied! :)
    Vanessa B.
  • Cíntia E.
    I want my kids to have a bunch of nice experiences and I think this website may help me with this task :)
    Cíntia E.
  • Marta
    It looked like a good source of info, so I gave it a go. Cheers,
  • Anne
    Hi team ! I’ve just read about your website on a group on Facebook so signing up to keep up to speed on activities available in Lux for our 2 rascals :) Thanks
  • Marilena
    Hi, I am glad to have found you. I am looking for safe events for me and my daughter and I hope here is the place to find them. Happy Easter!
  • Viktoriya
    Hello, Together with my princesses I don’t want to miss any interesting activity in Luxembourg. Best, Viktoriya
  • Costanza
    Hi Alex, Ivo and the team, I signed up to find out what's happening the weekends in and around Luxembourg. Looking forward to reading you! Costanza
  • Elena
    Hi Whats On Team, I signed up because during the pandemic is difficult to espontaneusly socialise. We just arrived to Luxembourg with a two year old and being so young we simply cannot improvise plans either. We need to carefully know if an activity/location is suitable for toddlers. Thank you very much for this great initiative. Kind regards
  • Anda
    Hi! I am looking for nice activities to overcome the pandemic and to divert my son from spending hours on PC games. It seems like this site is a good source of information! Thanks a lot in advance! Best regards, Anda
  • Cristina
    Hi, I signed up because it’s very hard for me and my husband to get our children out of the house and I need you to help us with some ideas, since we just moved here last summer :) Thank you, have a nice day,
  • Elsie
    Reason for signing up: I cannot browse my brain for things I did with number 1, which was pre-covid. And number 2 also deserves a childhood filled with a rich variety of interesting and happy memories.
  • Helena
    Hey! Thank you ;) Have been looking for a few new fresh ideas- hoping to find them here :) KR
  • Shannon S.
    I want to find out activities to do for my kids aged 7 and 9.
    Shannon S.
  • Cecelia
    I signed up when I was looking for summer camp possibilities. I googled found the one outdated from last year and then rabbit hole came across the sign up and thought why not. Hoping for an update for this summer. -
  • Veronique
    thanks for setting up this newsletter! I would like to know what's going on every week + during the holidays so that I can do some fun stuff with the kids hear you soon
  • Emina
    Hello! I want to do something fun and interesting with my kids on the weekends and your page is great!
  • Ivan S.
    It is great to have a real-time map with events/parties and public parties for kids. So we can just see whats going on near the current location and go there.
    Ivan S.
  • Natalia
    Hello, Thank you to accept me for this subscription. I signed because I already use your site several years to find interesting events for my kid. Frequently I forgot to check it in advance and reserve the places and plan it carefully. If you will remind me in mid of week that would be great! :) Thank you so much for the job you are doing! Have a nice day! Natalia.
  • Giselle
    Options for activities during this summer. Giselle
  • Ioana L.
    Hello Alex, Ivo & Team, I signed up to this list for a very simple reason: there is so much to do in Luxembourg, but so little "advertised", that I could really use a newsletter and some info from time to time. We try to do or go somewhere new every weekend and most of the time we succeed. It was really a huge surprise to me to find out most of my acquitances have zero knowledge on the extremely large number of museums amnd activities Luxembourg has to offer. So in short, I would like to find out in time of the various events and acrivities organized for kids and/ or families. Thank you very much for welcoming me in such friendly manner. Looking forward to hearing from you! Best wishes, Ioana L.
    Ioana L.
  • Emina
    Hello! I love getting your emails because i know I will always find a plan for the weekend with kids :) Thank you for sending it! Have a good weekend, Emina
  • Adnan S.
    It is great to find something to do for the kids!
    Adnan S.
  • Antonella B.
    Hey! I subscribed! I hope here I can find all info on activities for kids in and around Luz. My baby is currently 17 months :-)
    Antonella B.
  • Maja
    Hello, Mme and my family are new to this country (moved here 2 weeks ago) and this seemed like a fun way to learn a little bit about Luxembourg and the possibilities for fun with kids. Kind regards, Maja
  • Ricardo C.
    It looks like you want to see if people are reading your e-mails :) I signed up to find out things to do with my son. Regards,
    Ricardo C.
  • Jakob
    Hey, I just moved to Lux with my family and looking for any info for my kids (9 and 7y) so that's the main reason I signed up. Jakob
  • Mariana
    Hey guys! I signed up because I just moved to Luxembourg with my 2 kids and I'm desperately looking for ways to keep them entertained on the weekends! Looking forward to following your tips! Thank you, Mariana
  • Aline
    Hi guys, just signed up! Curious to see what crazy activities Luxembourg has to offer for families with babies and toddlers ;) Aline
  • Katerina
    Hello! I am very happy to join this group! I have a 5 1/2 year old boy and a newborn and i was hoping to find activities for my kids so as to add some variety to their weekends! Many thanks! All the best, Katerina
  • Gogi B.
    This list is excellent. Thank you so much for the work you do! Kind regards, Gogi B.
    Gogi B.
  • Julia
    Thanks for the resources! I signed up to get new ideas on fun things to do with kids :) Have a nice weekend, Julia
  • Вероника Д.
    Hello everyone, I've signed up as your website is the most informative resource to get list of events for kids. Thank you for that!
    Вероника Д.
  • Yasemin
    We are new in Luxembourg and try to explore as much as we can with our 4 year old son. Your website seems like a good source of information.
  • Queenie
    Hey, I just signed up! As I just arrived in Luxembourg, a parent from my young son's school advised me to sign up to your website in order to receive yours tips every week. After a first look, I think it may be a good source of infos to find things to do on week-ends. That's it ! Regards, Queenie
  • Noémie
    Hey, Having 2 little ones, having some activities planned is life-saving Looking forward to your suggestions. Sincerely, Noémie
  • Mariana
    Hey guys, I’m loving it! Our weekends rely on your tips ! Thank you, Mariana
  • Kristin
    I wanted to find out what's happening next weekend Many greetings Kristin
  • Carolina
    Hello and congratulations on the wonderful initiative. I signed up because I have two super active and excitable kids and this looks like a total lifesaver on weekends ; ) Looking forward to lots of fun activities, kind regards and best wishes Carolina
  • Kerry G.
    Hi there, Just moved to Lux with my two small daughters and trying to find things to do with them :) Regards, Kerry G.
    Kerry G.
  • Monika
    Hi! I’d like to become a part of the community and be informed better about interesting events for kids. It’s an effort to be up to date and find something age appropriate for my little ones. I look forward to receiving your newsletter! Best regards, Monika
  • Filippo P.
    Hello, yes, your newsletters are very interesting and inspiring ! Have a nice WE!
    Filippo P.
  • Katie
    Looking for summer camp ideas for next August! Thanks, Katie
  • Clair L.
    Hello! Happy to be on board! I’m constantly looking for weekend activities for my 2 year old and this seems to be the best way to stay in the loop! Thanks and happy Halloween
    Clair L.
  • emig s.
    Haha, what a question! Because I wanna know, what's on for kids :D
    emig s.
  • Noémie
    Hi, I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you're doing with What's on for kids. You definitely helped me out. I will make a contribution. I think it's well deserved. Have a great day, Noémie
  • Séverine
    Hi! I have two kids and would like to know what’s happening during the weekend and get ideas for activities in Luxembourg. Many thanks ! Kind regards Séverine
  • Mariane S.
    Hi, I have kids and I like to know the schedule of events to take them
    Mariane S.
  • Susana
    Hi! I just want to be up to date on which activities are going on so that we can keep our weekends busy and funny. Best, Susana
  • Anna
    Hey Many thanks for putting this guide together. I subscribed because I have young kids and really struggle to find ways to entertain them on weekends Cheers Anna
  • leyre
    Hi, I’ve three children and I need information about plans for them. Thank you.
  • Ulla
    Wanted to have a guide on what is happening in the region !
  • Helen C.
    I Just moved to Luxemburg and find your weekly email very useful to know what to do with the kids on the weekends. Regards
    Helen C.
  • Valeria
    Hi, thanks for the email. I subscribed to find out more about things to do with babys because with muy partner and baby girl we are moving to Luxembourg in March, so I wanted to start to see thing to do with her. Without knowing many people. Cheers Valeria
  • Ioannis M.
    I m interested for ideas for activities during the weekend
    Ioannis M.
  • Jenny
    Hi, we wanna do anything more exciting, than just go for a walk ;-) Best, Jenny
  • melanie
    Hi! Wanted to know what I could do with my 2 year old this weekend, and was also interested in the family friendly restaurant guide. Have a great day
  • Peggy
    Hello, I signed up because I would to like to do nice and interesting things with my daughter. Yours, Peggy
  • antonia
    I want to Know what's on for kids in Luxembourg!!!
  • Iryna S.
    Hi, I signed up because desperately search for some future activities for kids. Thanks
    Iryna S.
  • guyot a.
    It looked like a good source of info so I gave it a go ;-)
    guyot a.
  • Sabrina B.
    Need a great source of info! Sabrina B.
    Sabrina B.
  • Yukina
    Dear team, Thank you for your email! I have signed up as we have just moved to Lux and need more information. Kind regards, Yukina
  • Daniela
    Hello and thank you very much for welcoming me into the community I signed up just to know what is around as it is not always easy to find info Best regards Daniela
  • Sandrine & Marc G.
    Hi, Thanks for your email. To answer your question: the reason why I signed up is that I am the mum of two boys (3 and 5) and looking for some fun activities/experiences to do with them and you sounded like a good source of inspiration. I have also created a group chat with my friends to plan one “even a month” as I call it. Life is too short to be bored. Have a lovely week ahead and looking forward to reading about your exciting activities. Best, Sandrine & Marc G.
    Sandrine & Marc G.
  • Sabina
    Hi, I signed up because I want to learn about activities for small children and your website looks like a good source of information. Thanks, Sabina
  • Alexandra H.
    Hi there, it is really that I’m always looking for nice things to do with the children for the next weekend. Thanks for your effort, Alexandra H.
    Alexandra H.
  • Dana D.
    I am new in Luxembourg and I want to be aware of what is going on every weekend!
    Dana D.
  • Petros A.
    Want to be informed about things happening for kids in Lux during weekends
    Petros A.
  • Zdenka P.
    Hello team :) thank you for adding me. We have a small sons (3 and 5 years old) and they have a lot of energy every weekend. We live 3 years in Luxembourg and we like to visiting new places for kids. Have a nice day :) Best wishes Zdenka P.
    Zdenka P.
  • Stephanie
    Hi Alex, Ivo, and the What's On Team, I lived in Luxembourg since a while, but always nice to read/learn about activities for kids in Luxembourg. Now, to say the true, I am a single mother with the kids full time (and a full tile job during the week) and I was looking for supervised activities during the weekend in Luxembourg. Something where the kids could spend a full or half day, have fun and I can spend some time off for me, which I have not done for years. There are tons of activities to do “with kids” or activities where you leave the kids for 1-2 hours (scouts/ tennis/…), but never seen any “supervised” activities for a longer time (half a day or a day). If you have some ideas, it would be welcome ☺ Kind regards Stephanie Bien cordialement
  • Pradeepthi
    Hello, Am looking for activities to engage my 4 year old daughter. Thanks, Pradeepthi
  • Matt
    Hi Alex, Ivo, and the What's On Team, Thank you for confirming my sign up to What's On For Kids. In answer to your question below, the main reason I signed up for the list is to be able to read through the email each week of upcoming activities for the weekend to then see if anything looks fun for my two young kids (instead of having to read lots of different web pages to see what's going on in Lux). The other reason is because you do your website and emails in English which is very helpful as I'm originally from the UK. Have a good day, Matt
  • Alina
    Hello wonderfull team! I have singned up to find some inspiration for having quality time as a family...shoping in ikea for furniture with a todler wasn't :)) We just moved here and exploring, so your initiative is very welcome! Thank you! Alina
  • Gulzara A.
    Hi dear team I will answer with a big pleasure . I have 2 kids 7 and 4 years old. We've been living here for 3 years, and want to discovery new places for having fun . Thank you very much for your guide I wish you a wonderful mood. Sincerely Gulzara A.
    Gulzara A.
  • Nana
    Hello, Seems to be interesting to be one of your readers and to be updated on what’s on for kids Regards Nana
  • Наталья V.
    Hi I signed up now! And I will be glad to receive information about what we can do in our free time!
    Наталья V.
  • nancy d.
    Because I’m always struggling to find activities suitable for 3 Kids of various age Groups
    nancy d.
  • Martina
    Hey, Signed up as it seems a great resource to find out activities for kids! That’s what we need :) Thanks for the great idea! Martina
  • laura
    Hey :) Have my one year old girl and we want to do some activities as a family :) I’m exited to see your program every week. Best laura
  • Marie
    Ouf glad to hear it ;-)
  • Pinar B.
    Hi, I signed up to learn activities for my daughter.
    Pinar B.
  • Maura & Adam
    Hello! My husband and I lived in Luxembourg from 2012-2016, and had our first daughter there before repatriating to be nearer our families. We are planning a visit back this summer with two young kids (nearly 7 and 3) in tow, and I realized we never knew much about "familyfriendly" activities in town. Looking forward to learning more! Villmols merci, Maura & Adam
    Maura & Adam
  • Grainne S.
    Moving to Luxembourg soon with 6-year-old!
    Grainne S.
  • Yan
    Hi, I wanted to receive kids activities by email.
  • Chayashree P.
    I want to know about the weekend information.
    Chayashree P.
  • Marta
    Hello, I will be visiting, I am interested to give some nice activities for my daughter
  • Chantelle S.
    Hi, we signed up because we have 2 busy girls and we love doing active and different things and enjoying what there is on offer to see and do in Luxembourg!
    Chantelle S.
  • Nadiya
    Hello, One acquaintance suggested me your site. Thank you in advance ! Kind regards, Nadiya
  • 李小雪
    Hi’ just signed up
  • Michal S.
    I signed up mainly because i wanted to be up to date about weekend activities for kids.
    Michal S.
  • Hazel
    Hello, I signed up so we dont miss out on interesting and diverse activities to do with the kids. Hazel
  • Stacy
    I'm very happy with your site, I did look on the website for a long period of time. Now I saw that you can commit to a email, so I did, It's really handy because let's be honest, we always check our email. We don't have to miss anything and it's also fun for the kids because I can tell them in the week what for fun thinks we can do in the weekend and they are really excited. End its trough that it's difficult to find things online. On behalf of me and my 2 children, thank you very much
  • Huimim
    Thank you so much for doing this! I wish there are English bookstores that we could go and visit like we did before we moved to Luxembourg.
  • Oliver
    This is a really great service that you provide. It is hard to figure out what is happening in Lux for the kids and I usually find out after the event, So thank you for putting it together! I look forward to receiving the update emails!
  • Svetlana
    I just signed up! Many thanks to such a beautiful website it is very very useful! I would like to have fun and learn and teach my kid something new!
  • Joann
    Actually we've been in Luxembourg for just several months. Kids here have too many holidays, at first I have no idea what they can do in holidays till one of my friends sent the link of What's On For Kids to me. I found some camps, that's great. I would like to get more information about camps in every holiday which I can have my kids to attend. I hope my kids can not only have fun but also learn something rather than dicking around. Thanks again for your team's hard work, I've already shaired you to my newcomer friends. It's really helpful.
  • Christiane
    Yes thank you very much for your weekly update - it is very useful and well done ! Being away abroad for a few months, I have sent your link to my son (father of the 3 little ones) and he appreciates it very much!
  • Katja
    We just signed up for what’s on for kids. We are new in Lux and we are interested in any kind of information what to do with kids both during weekend but, especially, how I can keep my 5 y.o. busy with activities on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. And as we live in Capellen/Olm area, we are interested to do the things around, not in the city center. We plan to sign for 501 things as well.
  • Daniel
    That is a really great list of ideas. Many thanks for putting it together.
  • Enkela
    Your information are just perfect!
  • Anna
    I love your work! Just this weekend I went to the lantern festival in Wiltz which I would not have experienced without you. Is there a café specially designed for mothers with small children in luxembourg? (Baby playground surrounded by coffee tables?
  • We are new comers to Luxembourg, we are all eager to explore what’s fun in Luxembourg, both the adults and the kids! Thank you for your information which is very helpful.
  • As a new person to Luxembourg your mails are really great!
  • This is brilliant! We pretty much followed the list yesterday. Kids loved the medieval afternoon and the activities at chapter1. They're wrecked today.... Playing at home, some films and popcorn.