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  • George V.
    I have saved a lot of time since I signed up for the Guide. Time that I now spend with my family. I can now be home playing with my baby son instead of digging the internet in a desperate search to look for where to take him on my day off tomorrow. You can’t put a price on that.
    George V.
    member since December 2015
  • Helga S
    Very good job indeed yesterday evening I spent 2 hours navigating in it, it is full of information and complete. I will recommend it on my FB group Italian moms in Luxembourg 🙂
    Helga S
    member since March 2016
  • Seungeun
    Wow, I just spent some minutes and it looks really good.
    member since March 2016
  •  Robert Battison
    I’ve had a chance to look at the 501 website now, and I love it! It’s exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, and I will certainly promote it via my facebook group Luxembourg Play Dates and Parenting as well as within the circle of parents I know. As for constructive criticisms, which I’m assuming you’re looking for, I didn’t immediately notice any! However, being picky I suggest one additional idea would be to add a ‘like’ or ‘I’m going’ button, so that you could filter listings based on popularity, and potentially even see if any of your friends are going to any events.
    Robert Battison
    member since March 2016
  • Karen
    It is so amazing to be able to do something so easily and so quickly. Any time I want to see what’s going on around me, I just whip out my phone, open the map view, browse quickly through all the markers, choose an activity and I am done. I then go and spend time with the people who I love the most, my kids and my husband.
    member since January 2016
  • Samantha
    You have really helped me turn the chore of seeking what to do with my kids into activity, almost as enjoyable as spending time with the kids. We all sit together and open the 501 Things guide and choose together where we want to go and what we want to do. We all really enjoy it. And the activities are just so… many! I never knew there was so much happening around us!
    member since February 2016
  • Floris V.
    I don’t know who you are but kudos for coming up with this and making it happen. I signed up last week 🙂
    Floris V.
    member since March 2016
  • Maria
    I was tired of going to Pizza Hut and McDonalds but I didn’t know other kid friendly restaurants where I can take the kids. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found the list of more than 50 family-friendly restaurants inside the guide! And 3 of them are walking distance from my place!
    member since December 2015
  • Patrick Loewen
    I have now played with the guide a bit and am really pleased. Finally a comprehensive guide to cherrypicking kids-activities.
    Patrick Loewen
    member since March 2016
  • Tania W
    I will thank you for all the job you did to create this guide! I am also happy to receive every week an email with the week-end to do list. It is realy helpful. Your guide is complete, there are a lot of information. I think that you were able to list the majority of the things to do in Luxemburg.
    Tania W
    member since March 2016
  • Minh Trang Mercy
    Congratulations! You did a great job! It is really user-friendly and useful, especially the “See On Map” part, where we could find activities by categories in a specified geographic zone and, with the advanced search, by age group. The propositions’ list is targeted.
    Minh Trang Mercy
    Member since February 2016
  • Birgit Ulm
    You do not know me but I know you :) I first heard of you a while ago from the teachers at the Sunflower Montessori creche. Then I looked up your site and I signed up and I am so happy that I did it. You've been keeping me and my kids busy with fun things every weekend since I came to Lux 1.5 years ago! So when I heard about your 501 Things to Do guide, I signed up immediately! I didn't even think for a second! I thought that since you’d created it, it must be good. I was wrong - it is EXCELLENT!!! Exactly what I was missing in Luxembourg! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! XOXOXO
    Birgit Ulm
    Member since January 2017
  • Stephanie C
    This is a fantastic guide with a huge variety of activities happening in the Luxembourg area.  It's exactly what I need living so far away from my home with a young family.  Sometimes it's hard to find out what is going on, even though you know there are tons of activities in the area.  This guide is super helpful in so many ways.  It's great that there are several ways to search activities.  I love that there are tons of links along with a quick overview the activity.  I also really enjoy the map feature.  It's nice to be able to search things in proximity.  The different icons are helpful because you can quickly glance and see what it is about, for example, a soccer ball for a soccer activity.  I will be using this guide often.  I have already found some great activities for summer that I had been looking for on my own, but could never quite find.  Thank you for the fantastic and easy to use guide!
    Stephanie C
    Member since March 2017
  • Emma B
    Today I started to go through your site and firstly I wanted to tell you that I think this idea is awesome! It is super convenient and I believe every family in Luxembourg (and those that are visiting ) will get a great deal of use out of this guide. I dont know you and your background but it's a great site, very well put together and easy to use. I have been working in the ecommerce and online space for over 10 years now and your site is clearly of a professional standard.
    Emma B
    Member since March 2016
  • Sam MacG
    Yes I liked the guide for the sheer number of things listed that I hadn't heard of before.  I would probably still rely on the Weekend To-Do emails from What's On For Kids for general 'to do' activities but the guide will be handy when we have visitors coming so we can see what's on in advance around the visit dates. Also handy to find attractions that aren't widely advertised. I like the website links on each entry very much. I also like the map functionality as I don't know by heart all the places in Lux. I definitely saw things I had never heard of before.
    Sam MacG
    Member since March 2016
  • Sivlia
    You have outdone yourself with this guide! I liked you very much when I signed up for your weekly whatsonforkids emails but now I LOVE you for this !!! :)
    Member since January 2016
  • Rory
    Excellent website, thanks!
    Member since May, 2016
  • Enkela
    All this information is just perfect!
    Member since May, 2016
  • Joanna
    I don't speak French and German so your 501 Website is perfect for me. We spent nice weekend at Hesperange!
    Member since June, 2016
  • Simona
    It's great !!! You are doing an amazing job :) Last Sunday we spent a great day visiting Kass Haff (we were surprised to find out that they are very close to our home !)
    Member since June, 2016
  • Andrew
    This is brilliant. Combined with your to-do weekend list it's a real gem! We pretty much followed the list this yesterday. Kids loved the medieval afternoon and the activities at chapter1. they're wrecked today....playing at home, some films and popcorn. Thanks!
    Member since June, 2016
  • Annette
    I like this very much!
    Member since July, 2016
  • Noelia
    I think you are doing a great job!! And I'm very grateful of all the information you share with us. Everything in the guide looks very complete. Thank you very much ;-)
    Member since July, 2016
  • Anna
    I love your work! Just this weekend I went to the lantern festival in Wiltz which I would not have experienced without you.
    Member since September 2016
  • Stacy
    I'm very happy with your site, I did look on the website for a long period of time. Now I saw that you can commit to a email, so I did, It's really handy because let's be honest, we always check our email. We don't have to miss anything and it's also fun for the kids because I can tell them in the week what for fun thinks we can do in the weekend and they are really excited. End its trough that it's difficult to find things online. On behalf of me and my 2 children, thank you very much
  • Elif
    Lots of thing to do this weekend
  • Jelena
    Thanks! You are the best!
  • Jeantide
    I'm so glad I subscribed to this list. Yesterday we visited Le Festival de l'Eau which we found out about thanks to your email and the children really had a great time (and so did we!). So thank you. Looking forward to this week's list.
  • Pedro
    That's absolutely brilliant, thank you so much !
  • Sabih
    As a new family to Luxembourg, we are so pleased about the information and support!
  • Sandra
    I love your emails and I am always interested in further info. Keep it up and coming
  • Linda
    I just now signed up and wanted to share with you that I highly appreciate your website! It’s really great and I hope to find a lot of things to do with my son (6 months) in the future, especially music-oriented workshops for example. Thanks so much for all your efforts! Have a great day.
  • Amanda
    I'm getting the What's On up right now and saw the advert for our magazine at the top. Thank  you so much! You have no idea how much we appreciate your support!
  • Eleni
    Thanks for the time and efforts you put into this group! The one thing I am currently looking for is more ateliers creatifs for 3 year olds, including crafts, art, messy play, sports in french during the weekends. Keep up the good work.
  • Magda
    Thanks for the subscription. Great website to check for what's going on... My kids are sport lovers and challenge-oriented so any ideas on duathlons, runs, football events are very welcome :) Have a lovely day, Magda PS. I do not use FB :(
  • Cassie
    I recently moved to Luxembourg, have two boys (1 year old and 3 year old), I would love to receive this newsletter if you can please add me?
  • Mike
    Thanks for the e-mail! One thing I would like to be able to do in Luxembourg?: I would like to take them to a nice Sunday brunch. With avocado toast, poached eggs, pancakes and waffles. Any "reasonably priced" recommendations?
  • Francois
    thanks for the useful work you do. I would like to be able to be flexible with my kid's activities and change the plan in the morning (WE)
  • Joelle
    I really like your emails.
  • Kyrani
    I just signed up! Thank you for the interesting activities you share.
  • Catalina
    Thank you for the email and the work you do in collecting all this data and sharing it with parents. It spares me a lot of time in weekends when I have to take a fast decision on how to spend my time. The one thing that I need most with my children in Luxembourg is TO SPEND valuable and meaningful TIME with my children. Time is a costly resource in a country where literally "time is money". When we have it, we do not know to cherish it that is why we spoil at most times.
  • Eva
    Thanks for your email and sorry for not replying earlier. These weekly lists are great, I wouldn't know of these programmes otherwise. We have a 3 years very active boy and it's good to know what is around when we need to look for weekend entertainment for him:) Although we couldn't really attend these yet as our family recently welcomed a second little one I'm sure these lists will be a big help to figure out how to spend the weekends with our two boys:)
  • Sergio
    The ONE thing for me would definitely be having more movies for kids each Sat and Sun, in Utopia and Utopolis, especially during those long months of bad weather... Kind regards and keep up with the good work!
  • Andreea
    I am still new, so did not go through everything to see what is available and what not. But what I would like to do with my kid in general, as he is very active, can't stay in 1 place for long and gets bored easily: - play outdoors (hence any park with playgrounds are great, or farms) - he loves painting, so any clubs/activities around that is great - he loves kids theater also. Me too - i like going out for lunch during the weekend, so restaurants with playgrounds/areas would be great - swimming pools, swimming lessons for small kids, riding lessons, tennis lessons, anything that will consume the energy of a hyperactive small kid (4 years old) - camps and activities for school vacations, as i work full time For me, i still need to learn to get around and see from where i can buy stuff for him (like clothes, organic food, school essentials, books for kids in different languages). As I said, i am very new to Luxembourg (1 week only), so i have a lot to learn!
  • Daniela
    I have just signed up! Thanks for putting this info together! Great work! I have a 10 year old so for us it would be great to hear about exhibitions, cultural events, festivals in the city.
  • nazli
    I just signed up I am interested in all kind of information related to 3 years old boy J We are new in Luxembourg So I need to know where can I find cheap toddler furniture, pampers, toys etc… Also I need to find out play areas, weekend activities (indoor or outside) Thanks in advance
  • Claire
    Get the list of activities in and around Luxembourg (including Belgium, France and Germany) - Get list of attraction parks in and around Lux with description and ahe recommendation Thanks, great and useful newsletter!
  • Sylvie
    I signed up because I would like to know more activities that I could do with my 14-months old, except the usual playgrounds and swimmingpools.
  • Andreja
    Right now, I am struggling with what to do with my almost 2 yo in the coming gloomy autumn and winter afternooons that (I work in the mornings, in the afternoons, I am with my kid). Up until now we've been a lot outside, and we will continue to be (no matter the weather) but I still think that sth like little gym would be great to do (but not on the weekend since we're often away, but more during the week). I therefore wish I could find a fun activity (especially mototic) that I could do with him in a relaxed (and not sterile) environment.
  • Giovanna
    I just signed up to recidive by e-mail what's on for kids! I would Like to find more information about artistic antivities to do with children in Luxembourg!
  • Huimim
    Thank you so much for doing this! I wish there are English bookstores that we could go and visit like we did before we moved to Luxembourg.
  • Alex
    Hi, more options for regular baby sensory type activities. Back in the UK there are so many options, including baby / kids cafes running lots of rhyme time etc for children including the local library. I’ve only found two so far, one with a wait list as long as your arm!!
  • Eliana
    I’m a mother of a two year old boy, Leone. We’re moving at the end of October from Italy to Luxembourg and I am wondering which activity could be good for my little one. We stayed one year in Singapore and there was a lot to do there for babies (we attended music classes, swimming lessons, etc.); I just hope we can find something similar in our new  Country!
  • Coskun
    Thank you for this great website! I check weekly and enjoy the activities offered!
  • Danijel
    Thanks for signing me up to your newsletter. I would like to know about various events, such as concerts, theater pieces for kids etc.
  • Clari
    Thanks for the hard work you put in! The one thing I would like is to find a cafe in luxembourg which serves good food and drinks and has a contained play area so my active 2 yr old can play independently and I’m able to see him at all times from the comfort of my seat and I can enjoy coffee properly.
  • Peter
    Thank you for sending me your mails, we like them a lot. We've just not been lucky with  sicknesses and so we did not go to too many events. Further to your welcome email, we are always searching for child-friendly restaurants, or restos with a playground, or gor new, possibly even covered playgrounds. Always alsi searching events suitable for 2-4 years old and very active boys.
  • Patrícia
    I subscrived your newsletter a couple of months ago when I arrived at Luxembourg and I thought it was amazing and had nothing to add. Now I can give you my feedback :) It would be great if you add to your newsletter some ideas on where to buy sazonal things like kids costumes for the halloween. Also it would be nice to get some ideas on how to do things with the kids at home (during the long rainy days) like christmas gifts, decorartions or cookies. My last suggestion is to personalize the information you send. Either create a profile for each user with their preferences and customized newsletter or simply add a filter that could simplify the search for programs. You send a lot of good programs but I usully am interested only in one or two (because of the kids age, the place or the language spooken at the program) and the filter or customized newsletter would facilitate. With that said, congratulations on your website and newsletter because they are a really good help to get ideas to entretain my chindren!
  • Sabine
    We are expecting our first child in May and I was just browsing the internet for some material on having a baby in Luxembourg. You website looks great an I will certainly spend some time looking into your family guide :) I actually have two things that I am particularly interested in: I would like to take a swimming class for new borns (starting July) and I would love to join a play group and meet other moms.
  • Patricia
    Thanks for the email and most of all for such a great initiative. Right now I will need to go through the website and PDF and be fully aware of what is available near my place. Once I am on it, I will probably ask you sth!
  • Joana
    Thanks a lot for your website, very informative, mainly for us that just arrived! The one thing I would like to be able to do with my 4 years old would be to attend drama classes (or music classes) in English, ideally on the weekends!
  • Oliver
    This is a really great service that you provide. It is hard to figure out what is happening in Lux for the kids and I usually find out after the event, So thank you for putting it together! I look forward to receiving the update emails!
  • Carla
    Yes... there are many things I would like to be able with my kids. I can give you one right now, I would like my 3 years old soon to have swimming classes without me having to go to the water with him, ( like in London, my friends take their kids to swimming classes and they are in the water with the professors ) I can’t go inside the water with him because I have a baby of 8 months and cannot leave with anyone. The swimming classes in Luxembourg are so limited and it’s a sport that I find so important for children. I think there are only one or two teachers in Luxembourg given swimming classes .... they are also always fully booked. Congratulations for your website, it was a happy find.
  • Eirini
    Very interesting and helpful. Although my son is just 20m and the relative events are not so many but in general I really like it
  • Paola
    Honestly I knew about you from a mum at Eide school; we spent a lot of months without any knowledge of what to do with my daughters It could be wonderful if you can find an agreement with institution or towns hall to spread the voice about you! We arrived in July with no friends and not much info about living in Luxembourg We currently have problems to meet new people (family with children) and it could be cool if you (as organization) can organize something to meet each other or a place to have regular meetings with families What do you think? It could be interesting to share toys/clothes/babies stuff or have info if something is already in place (I’m a mum of 2 daughters around 7y.o and of a 5 months baby girl) It’s also interesting to have info about babysitters or perhaps others parents that can live around our residence and can give a lift to Differdange (if they have children there o work there) for carry children to school; so in other words a real helpful community where we can find who can help and offer help. I don’t use Facebook sorry, but my husband yes and he asked to be part of a Facebook group about family living in Luxembourg but they didn’t accept him... I don’t know if you can help also in that way.. I think that now you can regret to ask to reply you Said that we appreciate your efforts and we thank you a lot!
  • Dana
    I wish for more places where bigger kids (8+) can interact and build connections/friendships. Thank you for this community. It is much needed - life as an expat (adult or kid) is not necessarily easy.
  • Anna
    I am happy to join the group! I would like to see more Cafes and kids clubs that you can just pop in if you bored with your kids.
  • Neda
    First of all thank you for this wonderful project. It is for sure helpful, when you are new in Luxembourg and kids would like to have friends and activities, which you can’t give all the time because you don’t have your family around. Well I m looking forward to see and meet your ideas for kids.
  • Svetlana
    I just signed up! Many thanks to such a beautiful website it is very very useful! I would like to have fun and learn and teach my kid something new!
  • Joann
    Actually we've been in Luxembourg for just several months. Kids here have too many holidays, at first I have no idea what they can do in holidays till one of my friends sent the link of What's On For Kids to me. I found some camps, that's great. I would like to get more information about camps in every holiday which I can have my kids to attend. I hope my kids can not only have fun but also learn something rather than dicking around. Thanks again for your team's hard work, I've already shaired you to my newcomer friends. It's really helpful.
  • Ilaria
    I am very happy that there is a blog and newsletter for things to do with kids. I wish to know and have options of “things to do on the weekends in Lux“. Given we just moved to Lux from Toronto, we are also looking for schools for my 4.5 yrs old. I am trying to look at all options and understand what is best for us. Finally, all extra curricula activities for kids in Lux city. I am happy there is a place to look for it. I already took a look at your summer camps links. GREAT! Will take a better look at your blog.
  • Stephanie
    Thank you for having included us into the newsletter! Really appreciate. I will sign up!
  • jeanne
    Regarding your question, I would like to have more Music Events (concert, musical, workshops) for small kids going on.
  • Zalina
    You do I great job for English speakers who live in Luxembourg. I have a 6 month baby and trying to find out more information about what I can do for him because I am mother who wants to invest in his early education. At the moment I was looking to find a private swimming lesson for him. Also, I will start looking for chess, private music lesson, languages, drama lesson and etc.. As you can see we need some one like you who is guide us :) Kind regards and thanks for your great job!
  • Chris
    I am the (Belgian) grandma of a 3 1/2 yr old boy and twin girls of 1 1/2. I am mainly looking after the 3 yr old 1-2 / week and apart from the swimming pool and playgrounds I lacked ideas! A friend told me about you and I am very pleased to discover that there is so much going on in Luxembourg for kids! Thank you for making it so easy for us to look up on activities!
  • Duncan
    The one thing I would like more of - more indoor places to go spontaneously with kids when it's raining.
  • Gabriel
    I am looking for activities in English in Luxembourg during week-ends for my 4 years old daughter. Also look to connect with English speakers community and find a nanny.
  • Christiane
    Yes thank you very much for your weekly update - it is very useful and well done ! Being away abroad for a few months, I have sent your link to my son (father of the 3 little ones) and he appreciates it very much!
  • Tasha
    I think your site is amazing, so happy to this as a resource. We are brand new here so still getting my bearings, but I would love to know if there a resource mapping out the best parks. We seem to stumble on one wherever we go, but I would love to have a better sense of where they all are.
  • Alexis
    I have been living for 6 years in Luxembourg, I have 2 young kids, and I just now discovered your website which I found really helpful. Thanks for the great work! One thing probably missing from luxembourg is open air cinemas for kids. But I guess this is normal considering the weather!
  • Alexandra
    My family and I will be moving to Luxembourg at the end of the year and I got recommendations to visit the “What’s on for kids” site which, from what I have seen so far, is great and very helpful. My daughters will turn 12 and 9 soon and I was wondering if either the site or the guide include activities for preteens too.
  • Trampoline Park
    Awesome, thanks! Very happy with this ;-)
    Trampoline Park
  • Andrea
    I just signed up. It'd be great to have an overview of group activities for small kids (2-3 yrs old) like workshops - cooking or any "developing" activiy - language courses (Italian and Portuguese in my case). Is it something you havin the guide we've just bought? Thanks and best regards
  • Begum
    Thank You for this great information database. To answer your question, It would be great to have more quality food restaurants with a quality play/activity room for my children (4 year and 7 year old).
  • Katja
    We just signed up for what’s on for kids. We are new in Lux and we are interested in any kind of information what to do with kids both during weekend but, especially, how I can keep my 5 y.o. busy with activities on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. And as we live in Capellen/Olm area, we are interested to do the things around, not in the city center. We plan to sign for 501 things as well.
  • Birgit
    I just signed up, looking forward to receiving your newsletter Have a nice evening!
  • Eleni
    Thank you very much for the warm welcome! I appreciate very much the work you are doing, as I have used some info from the site a couple of times and we had a very good time. As for the question, what I am missing in Luxembourg is theatrical plays and movies in English, which we enjoy going to with our 28 months old son. Hope the above helps a bit.
  • Ioanna
    I just signed up
  • Daniel
    That is a really great list of ideas. Many thanks for putting it together.
  • Garima
    I really want to know about the play areas where my son can do different outdoor activities and play for ex- may be a trampoline park or may be simply a park with different kind of swings and some different kind of activities which he can enjoy and learn as well for ex - duck race event. I may sound crazy but we have very less time left in Luxembourg and I want my son to enjoy all the activites as much as he can which this city offers to kids.
  • Anna
    We are moving to Luxembourg in August so I will let you know our top 3 activities we enjoy with our 17 month old daughter in the UK and we hope we will continue in Luxembourg: 1. Baby swimming 2. Baby ballet 3. Cycling\Hiking You are doing amazing work with gathering the activities in one place, this is something definitely missing in the UK.
  • Jen
    I would love to see my kids doing outdoor nature activities, meeting other kids while learning about nature and their environment. Thanks
  • Rory
    Excellent website, thanks.
  • Enkela
    Your information are just perfect!
  • Joanna
    Thank you for your emails. I don't speak French and German so your Web is perfect for me. We spent nice weekend at Hesperange.
  • Simona
    It's great !!! You are doing an amazing job :) . Last sunday we spent a great day visiting Kass Haff (we were surprised to find out that they are very close to our home !) .
  • Annette
    I like your „what’s on for kids" very much
  • Noelia
    I think you are doing a great job!! And I'm very grateful of all the information you share with us. By now everything Iooks very complete but if I find something that could help you to improve your web/newsletter I'll tell you asap.
  • Anna
    Thanks for the fun to do lists! I also like the pouches (brands like fruchtfreunde and hipp - my one year old loves guave in apfel banane at the moment) and strawberry fruit chips from dm's "babylove". Other than that the products from "fruchtfreunde". I also saw an interesting article on Pinterest about preparing fruit and veggy snacks a couple of days ahead: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCWLiNDnje6/
  • Heli
    Appreciate your weekly posts. Regarding the ready food snacks, we have been lucky as both my Mom and MIL send us packages every few months with fresh snacks they prepare at home. However, I often run out and in those times I use the general ones (Hipp, Elle's, Nestle) that you have mentioned and buy them usually from Auchan or Cactus. Am I happy feeding my baby the off-the-rack products? NO! But sometimes you are tired and you need a quick fix and these products become life savers on those tiring days.
  • Anna
    I love your work! Just this weekend I went to the lantern festival in Wiltz which I would not have experienced without you. Is there a café specially designed for mothers with small children in luxembourg? (Baby playground surrounded by coffee tables?
  • Brendan
    As a new person to Luxembourg your mails are really great
  • Kira
    I’m really glad I found your newsletter. It’s already inspired me for a few things to do. Many thanks and keep up the good work!
  • Lidia
    Well your email says it all! It's really hard to find activities to do in Luxembourg with kids, toddlers or babies... my baby is 10 months old... we lived in Dallas, Tx for a while - just returned, and what a difference! We had much more choice of things to do.. like story telling, puppet shows.... So when I found out about your blog/website, I was just really happy! Thank you for helping families having fun!
  • We are new comers to Luxembourg, we are all eager to explore what’s fun in Luxembourg, both the adults and the kids! Thank you for your information which is very helpful.
  • As a new person to Luxembourg your mails are really great!
  • This is brilliant! We pretty much followed the list yesterday. Kids loved the medieval afternoon and the activities at chapter1. They're wrecked today.... Playing at home, some films and popcorn.


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