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Welcome and thanks for tuning in!

We are so glad that you find us! If you are looking for what to do with your kids today, tomorrow or over the weekend in and around Luxembourg then you are in the right place.

Every week we spend time looking for new family-friendly activities and events that are happening in and around Luxembourg.

We enjoy doing it but what we LOVE about it is that by the time the weekend comes, we can share with you a great list of fun things to do with your kids!


More from What's on for kids

When it comes to helping you spend quality time with your kids we don't stop at just What's on for kids. Indeed our Fun weekend to-do list is one of the best ways to get informed about what's happening in around Luxembourg but it is not the only way! Check out some of our other initiatives.



  • This is brilliant! We pretty much followed the list yesterday. Kids loved the medieval afternoon and the activities at chapter1. They're wrecked today.... Playing at home, some films and popcorn.
  • As a new person to Luxembourg your mails are really great!
  • We are new comers to Luxembourg, we are all eager to explore what’s fun in Luxembourg, both the adults and the kids! Thank you for your information which is very helpful.
  • Anna
    I love your work! Just this weekend I went to the lantern festival in Wiltz which I would not have experienced without you. Is there a café specially designed for mothers with small children in luxembourg? (Baby playground surrounded by coffee tables?
  • Enkela
    Your information are just perfect!
  • Daniel
    That is a really great list of ideas. Many thanks for putting it together.
  • Katja
    We just signed up for what’s on for kids. We are new in Lux and we are interested in any kind of information what to do with kids both during weekend but, especially, how I can keep my 5 y.o. busy with activities on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. And as we live in Capellen/Olm area, we are interested to do the things around, not in the city center. We plan to sign for 501 things as well.
  • Christiane
    Yes thank you very much for your weekly update - it is very useful and well done ! Being away abroad for a few months, I have sent your link to my son (father of the 3 little ones) and he appreciates it very much!
  • Joann
    Actually we've been in Luxembourg for just several months. Kids here have too many holidays, at first I have no idea what they can do in holidays till one of my friends sent the link of What's On For Kids to me. I found some camps, that's great. I would like to get more information about camps in every holiday which I can have my kids to attend. I hope my kids can not only have fun but also learn something rather than dicking around. Thanks again for your team's hard work, I've already shaired you to my newcomer friends. It's really helpful.
  • Svetlana
    I just signed up! Many thanks to such a beautiful website it is very very useful! I would like to have fun and learn and teach my kid something new!
  • Oliver
    This is a really great service that you provide. It is hard to figure out what is happening in Lux for the kids and I usually find out after the event, So thank you for putting it together! I look forward to receiving the update emails!
  • Huimim
    Thank you so much for doing this! I wish there are English bookstores that we could go and visit like we did before we moved to Luxembourg.
  • Stacy
    I'm very happy with your site, I did look on the website for a long period of time. Now I saw that you can commit to a email, so I did, It's really handy because let's be honest, we always check our email. We don't have to miss anything and it's also fun for the kids because I can tell them in the week what for fun thinks we can do in the weekend and they are really excited. End its trough that it's difficult to find things online. On behalf of me and my 2 children, thank you very much

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