501 Things To Do
In and Around Luxembourg

The Family Guide

501 Things To Do With Kids in Luxembourg is the most comprehensive family guide available in Luxembourg!

It's the result of more than 10 years of our efforts gathering information and details about kids and family-friendly events happening in and around Luxembourg.

501 Things to Do with Kids in Luxembourg is an all-encompassing list of events that are happening around you, places you can visit, activities you can do, classes you can attend, family-friendly restaurants that are so difficult to come across in Luxembourg, soft-play areas and playgrounds, museums, lakes and rivers, parks and gardens, picture perfect sightseeing, farms and zoos, nature, trails, and many more — all collated in a super easy to read and follow guide, which you can use to quickly find out what to do with your kids in and around Luxembourg – anytime, anywhere, any weather.

All collated in a super easy to read and follow guide, which you can use to quickly find out what to do with your kids in and around Luxembourg — Anytime, anywhere, any weather.

And yes, there are 501 things you can do with your kids in Luxembourg (in fact the Guide currently includes 600+ listings).

What’s Inside?

The 501 Things Guide is different from the weekend to-do list

It contains hundreds and hundreds activities, classes, entertainment events and many other categories of listings to choose from.

And it is designed in a way that it is super easy to browse the activities and chose what to do:

You can view all listings on a map and see what’s close to you. That way you can, for example, search by the current month and then see at a glance what’s happening around you this month.
You can browse all categories (more than 30 different types of categories!) and select the ones you want to check out.
You can search through all the listings using keywords, categories, even distance from your location.
You can print, export to pdf, mark your favorites so you can easily go back to them, get driving directions, and more!

How to get the 501 Things Guide

You can sign up for the 501 Things Guide by visiting https://501.whatsonforkids.lu/

Sign up for the 501 Things Guide and you will get:

It is indeed super easy to use The 501 Things Guide. Take it on your commute, or at the gym, or on the train, or in that boring meeting room. On your iPad, iPhone, or computer. The entire guide is available online, downloadable offline and portable on any device. This way you can easily figure out what to do with your kids today, tomorrow, or during the holidays. You can do this anytime and virtually anywhere — you don’t have to spend time anymore browsing the internet and searching for ideas for hours. With the Guide, all you have left to do is simply choose!

What people say about
The 501 Things Guide

  • George V.
    I have saved a lot of time since I signed up for the Guide. Time that I now spend with my family. I can now be home playing with my baby son instead of digging the internet in a desperate search to look for where to take him on my day off tomorrow. You can’t put a price on that.
    George V.
    member since December 2015
  • Helga S
    Very good job indeed yesterday evening I spent 2 hours navigating in it, it is full of information and complete. I will recommend it on my FB group Italian moms in Luxembourg 🙂
    Helga S
    member since March 2016
  • Seungeun
    Wow, I just spent some minutes and it looks really good.
    member since March 2016
  •  Robert Battison
    I’ve had a chance to look at the 501 website now, and I love it! It’s exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, and I will certainly promote it via my facebook group Luxembourg Play Dates and Parenting as well as within the circle of parents I know. As for constructive criticisms, which I’m assuming you’re looking for, I didn’t immediately notice any! However, being picky I suggest one additional idea would be to add a ‘like’ or ‘I’m going’ button, so that you could filter listings based on popularity, and potentially even see if any of your friends are going to any events.
    Robert Battison
    member since March 2016
  • Karen
    It is so amazing to be able to do something so easily and so quickly. Any time I want to see what’s going on around me, I just whip out my phone, open the map view, browse quickly through all the markers, choose an activity and I am done. I then go and spend time with the people who I love the most, my kids and my husband.
    member since January 2016
  • Samantha
    You have really helped me turn the chore of seeking what to do with my kids into activity, almost as enjoyable as spending time with the kids. We all sit together and open the 501 Things guide and choose together where we want to go and what we want to do. We all really enjoy it. And the activities are just so… many! I never knew there was so much happening around us!
    member since February 2016
  • Floris V.
    I don’t know who you are but kudos for coming up with this and making it happen. I signed up last week 🙂
    Floris V.
    member since March 2016
  • Maria
    I was tired of going to Pizza Hut and McDonalds but I didn’t know other kid friendly restaurants where I can take the kids. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found the list of more than 50 family-friendly restaurants inside the guide! And 3 of them are walking distance from my place!
    member since December 2015
  • Patrick Loewen
    I have now played with the guide a bit and am really pleased. Finally a comprehensive guide to cherrypicking kids-activities.
    Patrick Loewen
    member since March 2016
  • Tania W
    I will thank you for all the job you did to create this guide! I am also happy to receive every week an email with the week-end to do list. It is realy helpful. Your guide is complete, there are a lot of information. I think that you were able to list the majority of the things to do in Luxemburg.
    Tania W
    member since March 2016
  • Minh Trang Mercy
    Congratulations! You did a great job! It is really user-friendly and useful, especially the “See On Map” part, where we could find activities by categories in a specified geographic zone and, with the advanced search, by age group. The propositions’ list is targeted.
    Minh Trang Mercy
    Member since February 2016
  • Birgit Ulm
    You do not know me but I know you :) I first heard of you a while ago from the teachers at the Sunflower Montessori creche. Then I looked up your site and I signed up and I am so happy that I did it. You've been keeping me and my kids busy with fun things every weekend since I came to Lux 1.5 years ago! So when I heard about your 501 Things to Do guide, I signed up immediately! I didn't even think for a second! I thought that since you’d created it, it must be good. I was wrong - it is EXCELLENT!!! Exactly what I was missing in Luxembourg! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! XOXOXO
    Birgit Ulm
    Member since January 2017
  • Stephanie C
    This is a fantastic guide with a huge variety of activities happening in the Luxembourg area.  It's exactly what I need living so far away from my home with a young family.  Sometimes it's hard to find out what is going on, even though you know there are tons of activities in the area.  This guide is super helpful in so many ways.  It's great that there are several ways to search activities.  I love that there are tons of links along with a quick overview the activity.  I also really enjoy the map feature.  It's nice to be able to search things in proximity.  The different icons are helpful because you can quickly glance and see what it is about, for example, a soccer ball for a soccer activity.  I will be using this guide often.  I have already found some great activities for summer that I had been looking for on my own, but could never quite find.  Thank you for the fantastic and easy to use guide!
    Stephanie C
    Member since March 2017
  • Emma B
    Today I started to go through your site and firstly I wanted to tell you that I think this idea is awesome! It is super convenient and I believe every family in Luxembourg (and those that are visiting ) will get a great deal of use out of this guide. I dont know you and your background but it's a great site, very well put together and easy to use. I have been working in the ecommerce and online space for over 10 years now and your site is clearly of a professional standard.
    Emma B
    Member since March 2016
  • Sam MacG
    Yes I liked the guide for the sheer number of things listed that I hadn't heard of before.  I would probably still rely on the Weekend To-Do emails from What's On For Kids for general 'to do' activities but the guide will be handy when we have visitors coming so we can see what's on in advance around the visit dates. Also handy to find attractions that aren't widely advertised. I like the website links on each entry very much. I also like the map functionality as I don't know by heart all the places in Lux. I definitely saw things I had never heard of before.
    Sam MacG
    Member since March 2016
  • Sivlia
    You have outdone yourself with this guide! I liked you very much when I signed up for your weekly whatsonforkids emails but now I LOVE you for this !!! :)
    Member since January 2016
  • Rory
    Excellent website, thanks!
    Member since May, 2016
  • Enkela
    All this information is just perfect!
    Member since May, 2016
  • Joanna
    I don't speak French and German so your 501 Website is perfect for me. We spent nice weekend at Hesperange!
    Member since June, 2016
  • Simona
    It's great !!! You are doing an amazing job :) Last Sunday we spent a great day visiting Kass Haff (we were surprised to find out that they are very close to our home !)
    Member since June, 2016
  • Andrew
    This is brilliant. Combined with your to-do weekend list it's a real gem! We pretty much followed the list this yesterday. Kids loved the medieval afternoon and the activities at chapter1. they're wrecked today....playing at home, some films and popcorn. Thanks!
    Member since June, 2016
  • Annette
    I like this very much!
    Member since July, 2016
  • Noelia
    I think you are doing a great job!! And I'm very grateful of all the information you share with us. Everything in the guide looks very complete. Thank you very much ;-)
    Member since July, 2016
  • Anna
    I love your work! Just this weekend I went to the lantern festival in Wiltz which I would not have experienced without you.
    Member since September 2016